How to Cut Quarter Round Molding With a Miter Saw

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

  • Bracket


Make sure the saw blade is sharp before attempting to cut quarter round molding; otherwise, you may split the molding.


Never operate a miter saw wearing jewelry on your hands or wrists or wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Never place your hands near the saw blade while it is turning. Do not operate a miter saw that does not include a blade guard.

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Quarter round molding has two sides that form a 90-degree angle, and the third side forms a curve that equates to one-quarter of a circle. When homeowners replace carpeted floors with tile, laminate, wood or stained concrete, the replacement flooring is usually lower in height than the carpeting, and a gap then exists between the new flooring and the baseboards. Rather than enduring the cost and effort it requires to remove and rehang the baseboard, quarter round molding is used to close the gap between baseboard molding and the flooring.


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Step 1

Measure the wall with a measuring tape. Mark the quarter round molding with a pencil where you need to make the cut. Make sure to note whether the cut is an inside corner or outside corner, which will determine the setting on the miter saw. An inside corner is a corner where the corner turns in to form the room enclosure. An outside corner is where the corner turns around the wall into another area of the home, such as another room or hallway.


Step 2

Place the quarter round molding on your miter saw with the marked area of the quarter round in the cutting area of the saw and the remainder of the molding extended to your left. Place the molding so the flat sides fit across the bottom of the saw and rest against the fence, or backstop, of the saw. The round portion of the molding should be facing outward.


Step 3

Set your saw to the appropriate setting for the angle of the wall. For example, if the corner is a 90-degree angle, set the miter saw to make a 45-degree cut. If it is an inside corner cut, adjust the blade to the left 45 degrees. If it is an outside corner cut, adjust the saw blade to the right 45 degrees.


Step 4

Lower the powered-off blade down to the molding. Adjust the placement of the molding so that the saw blade makes contact with the molding exactly on the measured mark.

Step 5

Secure the molding in place with a bracket. Place one side of the bracket on the front of the molding about three inches from the blade and the other side of the bracket on the backside of the fence, or backstop, of the miter saw. Tighten the bracket in place.


Step 6

Power on the saw and lower the blade through the molding to make the cut.

Step 7

Raise the blade, then power off the saw. Pull the molding from the left side to remove it from the saw.