How to Use Tide Detergent for Moss Removal

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When you are searching for a solution to your moss problem, look to your laundry room for an effective way to remove moss. Whether the moss is on your rooftop, on a patio or on stone pavers, kill the moss fast with Tide laundry detergent with added bleach. For best results, keep the Tide detergent moist while it covers the moss and wash it off thoroughly to avoid damaging any surfaces.


Step 1

Climb to the roof with the Tide laundry detergent if you are treating moss on a rooftop. Use utmost care when you are on the roof to avoid falling.


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Step 2

Sprinkle the Tide laundry detergent liberally over the moss while wearing plastic gloves. Ensure that you cover the entire mossy area with a blanket of Tide that is between 3/8- and 1/2-inch thick.


Step 3

Use the garden hose to saturate the Tide lightly over the moss. Do not apply so much water that you wash the Tide away, but you must make the Tide moist as it covers the moss, which is particularly important if you are treating moss on a rooftop because if you leave the Tide dry it may damage the roofing materials.


Step 4

Allow the Tide to work for 15 minutes on the moss. You should see the moss turn to a yellow or green color as the Tide works on it.


Step 5

Rinse the Tide off the moss completely after the time elapses. Use the garden hose to wash the Tide away thoroughly. The moss should be visibly dying after you rinse the Tide away. If you have enough water pressure with your hose, you can loosen the moss with the garden hose and wash it away also.


Step 6

Pull or scrape the dead moss from any patio or paving areas and discard it. Do not try to pull the dead moss from a rooftop because you may slip and fall.



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