How to Kill Moss on Gravel

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Vinegar works as an effective remover of moss.

Moss growing on gravel can quickly ruin the look of your driveway or walkway. While removing moss by hand on some surfaces, such as large rocks in your garden, is practical, it would be too time consuming to use this process to clean it off gravel. While some commercial pesticides can work, they may be outlawed by your city or could damage the plants around your gravel walkway. Several household products can work as effective moss removers.


Step 1

Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray the moss until you have saturated it. If your moss problem is large enough that treating it with a spray bottle is impractical, buy or rent a commercial sprayer, fill it with vinegar and spray the moss. The high acid content of vinegar is ideal for killing any organic growth.

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Step 2

Sprinkle table salt or winter de-icing salt around the gravel driveway or walkway to kill the moss. Salt is effective at "burning" through many organic materials and can remove the moss. If desired, add several tablespoons of salt to a spray bottle, fill the bottle with water and apply the solution to the moss.


Step 3

Apply baking soda to the moss if it's in a small enough area that using baking soda as a remedy is practical. Baking soda's alkalinity hampers the growing ability of moss and other plants and weeds, resulting in their death.

Step 4

Spray the moss-infested area with a herbicide containing glyphosate. Herbicides are effective at killing many varieties of moss, but the area's environmental conditions can lead to it returning.

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