The Best Way to Get Rid of Moss Between Patio Bricks

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Brick pavers are an attractive option for backyard patios, but when they get so covered in moss that you can no longer see the bricks, they not only lose their visual appeal but also become dangerously slippery. As if that wasn't bad enough, the constant moisture from moss can actually cause your pavers to deteriorate, shortening your patio's life span. The good news is that eliminating moss from pavers is fairly simple.


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The Most Natural Moss Killer

While there are plenty of natural products that can be used to remove moss, including vinegar and boiling water, the most effective way to kill moss and keep it from growing back is to eliminate moisture in the area as much as possible. This means first recognizing if the moss is there thanks to excess water. This could be due to the pavers being hit by the path of your sprinkler, poor drainage in your yard, or a broken pipe.


If any of these problems are contributing to your moss problem, they need to be addressed before trying to kill the existing moss, or it will just grow back, not to mention that poor drainage and broken pipes are serious problems that can do a lot more damage than overgrown moss on your patio bricks.

Assuming none of these problems are the issue, you may also look to see if you can increase the amount of sunlight on your patio. If you have any trees or shrubs that are blocking sunlight from reaching the ground, trim them back if possible. This is a great way to naturally kill moss and prevent further moss growth.


When to Take Action

Assuming you just live in a warm, humid, shady area, regular moss growth may simply be a problem you can't easily prevent. In this case, you'll need to actually kill the moss yourself. Some people choose to kill it as soon as it appears, while others like the appearance of green moss between the bricks and wait until the growth actually becomes a nuisance. Whenever you choose to treat your bricks, it's important to reapply sealer on the pavers after cleaning to protect them from damage and to slow future moss growth on the surface.


The Best Moss Killer

It can be tempting to use home remedies, such as bleach, baking soda, or vinegar, to kill your moss since you probably already have these products in your home, but if you want something really effective that won't require multiple treatments, reach for a commercial moss killer. These products are specifically designed to kill moss and should only require a single treatment. They are designed to prevent moss from holding moisture, drying it out and killing it.


Only use moss killers designed for walkways or structures, as those made for yards often contain ingredients that could stain your patio bricks, and while these products should not stain, be sure to test them on a small, inconspicuous part of your patio before applying them to the entire surface.

Follow the instructions on the product label and avoid spraying these products on landscaping. For best results, use moss killers in fall through early spring, which is the peak growth period for moss. After the moss is dead, simply sweep it away to clean off your pavers.