Hanging curtains does not have to be a chore. In many cases, a simple tension rod fits your needs. This type of curtain rod requires no hardware, allowing quick installation. It remains in place by tension between the rod and wall. Use this when you are not concerned about the hardware decoration and simply want the beauty of your curtains to show. It also is useful when you are unable to use a conventional rod because of the area in which you are hanging the curtains, such as in a shower. There are many situations in which a tension rod can be a useful home-decorating tool.

Installation of a tension curtain rod saves the need for hardware.

Step 1

Clean and measure the area where the tension rod will be installed.

Step 2

Buy a rod larger than the measured amount, making sure it can be adjusted to fit the area in which you are installing the rod.

Step 3

If your curtains are not the clip-on type, attach the curtains to the rod by inserting the rod through the openings in the curtain. Some curtain types, such as shower curtains, use rings to attach the curtain to the rod. If this is the case, insert the rod through the rings before hanging the rod.

Step 4

Hold the rod up to the area in which it will be placed and adjust it so it is slightly wider.

Step 5

Push the ends of the rod together and press into place, releasing tension once it is in position.