What Is the Standard Measurement for a Queen-Size Headboard?

Queen-size headboards must be at least 60 inches wide to accommodate a queen mattress, but they typically range from 61 to 68 inches in width. Heights vary according to style and space considerations, with most medium-tall designs reaching from 36 to 50 inches. There is no industry standard for queen headboards other than the ability to hold a queen mattress.

Modern and Comfortable Bedroom
credit: Mike Ray/iStock/Getty Images
A close-up of a headboard on a queens-sized bed.

Styles Galore

Minimalist decorators may opt for platform headboards, which are made with as little as 12 inches of height. Elaborate headboard designs such as those created for sleigh beds can reach up to 60 inches or more, while headboards built into bookshelves sometimes span the entire wall up to the ceiling. Upholstered headboards typically are tall and wide, blending with existing curtains, bedding and furniture in the room.