How Do I Raise My Headboard?

The purchase of a new mattress and box spring can put that favorite headboard in an awkward position. The result is a headboard that sits too low for the new mattress. A favorite headboard that is blocked from full viewing can be raised easily if its manufacturer planned ahead for such an event. Headboards that offer no options for a taller height can be mounted to the wall for a more permanent solution.

Access Headboard

When a headboard is attached to a bed frame, the headboard has either a series of vertical holes or a slotted vertical length for the bolts to attach through. Examine the base or legs of the headboard and see how it is attached. Extra holes or room in a slotted opening are available for raising the headboard. Two people can easily make this adjustment by loosening and removing the existing bolts, raising the headboard up, matching the new holes on either side and inserting and securing the bolts into place.

Add Height

Add height to the headboard by adding new attachment holes to each side or leg of the headboard. Decide how much higher the headboard needs to be. Using this measurement, start from the existing attachment and measure down and mark the leg with a pencil. Carefully mark each side so that they are even. Drill the appropriate sized hole (match the existing ones) using a drill and the correct bit for the headboard material (usually a wood or metal bit). Attach the headboard using the newly drilled opening and the existing fastener. Ask someone to assist in lifting and holding the headboard in place while the attachment is being made.

Prep for Wall Attachment

Attaching the headboard to the wall can put the headboard at the exact location you desire. Remove the headboard from the bed frame. Pre-drill several holes into the legs and lower portion of the headboard. The headboard should be attached along the legs and at a mid-point across the lower edge (if possible) where the bed will hide the attachments. Mark the wall indicating where the bottom of the headboard needs to be in order to achieve the desired height. Lift the headboard into place against the wall and align the bottom of the legs with the marks. Use a pencil to mark the freshly drilled holes on to the wall. Move the headboard out of the way and screw in a drywall anchor at each of these marked points where you will secure the headboard.

Hang the Headboard

Raise the headboard into position and using screws that are long enough to fit all the way through the thickness of the headboard and into the drywall anchor, screw the headboard to the wall. To prevent the screw from damaging the surface of the headboard leg, slip the screw through a washer and push the washer to the head of the screw. When the screw is attached, the washer will be between it and the headboard leg. Consider attaching a very heavy headboard through the drywall and into a stud for a more secure installation.