If you're on a budget and in need of area rugs, you can save a lot of money if you buy a piece of carpet remnant and bind the edges yourself. You don't need any special machines or equipment. Special carpet binding tape is available for the do-it-yourselfer. It consists of a peel off adhesive tape attached to a stitched cord. The tape is applied to the underside of the carpet and the stitched part is lined up with the edge of the carpet. Then you apply a little hot glue to keep the edge of the carpet securely connected to the stitched part of the binding. In less than an afternoon, you can bind the edges of a piece of carpet remnant and make yourself an inexpensive area rug.

Step 1

Create a clean, smooth edge. Trim edge of carpet with knife so it is straight and free of stray threads.

Step 2

Prepare binding. Trim edge of binding so that it is straight. Position binding so it is in the middle of one side of the carpet. Remove a few inches of the adhesive backing.

Step 3

Lay adhesive portion of binding under edge of carpet. Do not start at a corner; start in the middle of one side of carpet. Line up the stitched area of the binding with the edge of the carpet. Press carpet into binding tape adhesive. Continue to remove a few more inches of adhesive backing and press carpet down onto binding. For a professional look, make sure to line up the edge of the carpet with the inside edge of the stitched portion of the binding.

Step 4

Go around the corner. Clip the adhesive tape part of binding even with end of the side of rug you have just applied adhesive tape to. Do not cut stitched area of binding. Bend binding around corner. Turn rug over and turn adhesive tape 90 degrees on back of rug so binding hugs the corner. Press down and secure.

Step 5

Cut binding strip so the ending point of binding butts up against the beginning point. Apply hot glue to the stitching where the two ends meet and glue securely. Trim any loose threads.

Step 6

Hot glue edge of carpet to binding. Place a 1/8 to ¼ inch bead of hot glue between the edge of carpet and binding stitching. Use two fingers to slightly separate the carpet and binding stitching so the bead of hot glue falls into the gap between the two. Then press the binding into the edge of the carpet and briefly hold until glue hardens.