How to Fix Carpet Torn Up by Dogs

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Things You'll Need

  • Carpenter’s square

  • Utility knife

  • Cardboard

  • Marker

  • Carpet remnant

  • Double-faced seam tape

  • Vacuum cleaner


For smaller tears, use a circular cutter to cut the ripped carpet. Use the same cutter to create a patch.

If you do not have carpet remnants and the tear is smaller, cut a patch from an inconspicuous spot in the carpet, such as under a dresser.

Repair the holes left by Fido using old carpet scraps.
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Dogs can be rough on your carpets and upholstery, and some pups will even dig their claws into rugs and carpeting out of boredom or anxiety. If that results in a torn-up carpet, replacing your flooring altogether can take a big bite out of your budget. Instead of unleashing hundreds of dollars for a new carpet, treat yourself to an easy, budget saving fix using carpet remnants.


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Step 1

Cut a square out of the carpet, taking care to completely surround the torn section. Make as small a cut as possible that will encompass the entire area of the tear. Use a carpenter's square to help you cut straight lines. Slice through the carpet with a utility knife, cutting through carpet, but not the padding. Remove the cutout piece of carpet. If necessary, use the end of a putty knife to pry the carpet up.


Step 2

Cut a piece of cardboard to a shape that's roughly 1 inch larger than the cutout portion of carpet. Pull the edge of carpet up around the hole you just made. Insert the cardboard inside the hole and under the carpet. If necessary, fold the cardboard slightly to fit it into the hole.


Step 3

Trace the hole onto the cardboard, staying as close to the edge of the hole as possible. Remove the cardboard. Saw the traced shape out of the cardboard using the utility knife. Use the carpenter's square to keep the lines straight.

Step 4

Turn a matching piece of carpet remnant upside down. Using the marker, trace the cardboard cutout onto the back of the carpet remnant. Cut the shape out of the remnant using the utility knife and carpenter's square to create a patch.


Step 5

Slice a piece of double-faced seam tape to fit inside the hole. Apply the seam tape to the carpet padding inside the hole. Place the patch from Step 4 inside the hole. Press down firmly to adhere it to the tape.

Step 6

Run a vacuum cleaner over the patched area to blend the carpet fibers together, hiding the patch.