How Do You Repair Carpet Edging?

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Carpet tacks

  • Carpet seam adhesive

  • Bitter apple spray

  • Tape


If the damage to your carpet is extensive, consider cutting out that section of carpet and replacing it completely.

Whether the wear and tear on your carpet edging is the result of troublesome pets or rambunctious children, frayed edges are an eyesore. Even new, clean carpet will look old and worn if the edges aren't properly cared for. When your carpet begins to show its age around the edges, take these quick steps to remedy the problem and keep your flooring in good shape.


Step 1

Identify stray strands as soon as possible. If you know that your pet has a tendency to pull up the carpet near the bathroom door, keep an eye on that area for damage so that you can remedy it as soon as possible.

Step 2

Trim long, loose strands. Never pull on a loose carpet thread since this will cause the entire piece to begin unraveling. Instead, trim off the offending strands neatly.

Step 3

Remove baseboards or carpet edging in areas that have suffered a lot of damage or where the carpet has been pulled back. Stretch the carpet flat and tack it into place again using carpet tacks. Then replace the baseboards or edging.


Step 4

Run a thin line of carpet seam adhesive beneath the edge of the carpet. Pull the carpet taut and press down over the adhesive. This will hold the edge down in the offending area, making it more difficult to pull up and fray again.

Step 5

Prevent further damage. If your frayed carpet is due to pets chewing and pulling at it, spray the carpet with bitter apple or another pet repellent spray (see Resources). This isn't harmful to your pets, but it will dissuade them from pulling at the carpet. If the offender is a cat with claws, place double-sided tape over the area for a while, which will stick to her paws and encourage her to find another spot (such as a conveniently placed scratching post nearby).



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