How to Fix Slow Washing Machine Drains

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There is a common problem with washing machine drains that few people know about. The problem is a slow washing machine drain, which can cause leaking and standing water in your washing machine when you are trying to do a load. It will cost about $100 for a service call, but this problem is something that virtually every one can fix themselves.

Step 1

Push your washer away from the wall to gain access to both the inlet and outlet hoses. The outlet hose is the one you want.


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Step 2

Unscrew the clamp that holds the outlet hose onto the washer. You can usually do this with your bare hands.

Step 3

Pull the outlet hose off the washer. As soon as you do, you will immediately see a wire straining cone inside the hole.

Step 4

Use the needle-nose pliers to gently grab this cone and pull it out. It will most likely be completely covered with lint. This is your problem.


Step 5

Place this lint-filled straining cone under the faucet. Run the water pressure over it backward, which will dislodge the lint and send it down the drain.

Step 6

Reassemble your washer. Reinstall the drain cone, push the hose over the connection and tighten back down the clamp. Your washer will now drain quickly--as good as new.



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