How to Access the Diagnostic Mode on a Kenmore Elite HE3 Washer

Kenmore Elite HE3 washing machines are capable of diagnosing problems with many of the internal components through an automated test. You might want to test for faults if the washer fails to complete a cycle or displays an alphanumeric error code on the screen. Once started, the HE3 diagnostic test fills, drains and spins the drum. The process takes several minutes to complete. Technicians use diagnostic mode to help pinpoint the source of trouble.

Step 1

Empty the drum and turn the washing machine off.

Step 2

Press the "Power" button to turn the appliance on and spin the cycle selection dial to "Rinse/ Drain & Spin."

Step 3

Tap the "Spin Speed" button until "No Spin" is selected.

Step 4

Press the "Steam Treat" button four times in quick succession. The washer enters diagnostic mode and begins performing tests.