How to Troubleshoot & Repair an LG Washer That Stops at the Rinse Spin Cycle

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If your LG washer stops as it reaches the rinse and spin cycle, it is a good indicator that water is not draining from the washer as effectively as it should. Draining and spinning go hand-in-hand, therefore if there is a draining problem, there also is a spinning problem and vice versa. Draining problems in LG washers stem from clogged drain filters. Unclog the drain filter and your washer will cease to stop at the rinse and spin cycle.


Step 1

Find the filter door on the bottom left of the appliance.

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Step 2

Flip open the filter door.

Step 3

Pull the drain hose out and insert it into a pan or a bucket.


Step 4

Remove the plug from the end of the drain hose and allow the hose to empty itself in the bucket.

Step 5

Twist and remove the drain filter cover.

Step 6

Remove debris from the filter.

Step 7

Replace the cap on the hose and screw the filter cap back on.

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