How to Drain a Balboa Hot Tub

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When cleaning out your hot tub, it is recommended that you drain it each time so you can safely clean every nook and cranny. Every Balboa hot tub is outfitted with a drain spigot that you can use to effectively drain the water before cleaning, or if you plan on leaving the hot tub alone for an extended period of time. You can either discard the hot tub water or use it to water your lawn.

Step 1

Switch the circuit breaker connected to your Balboa hot tub to the "Off" position. If you are unsure as to which breaker correlates to the hot tub, turn off the main breaker.


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Step 2

Remove the cover from the front of the drain spigot. Secure a hose onto the spigot. Twist the hose tightly to ensure a good seal.

Step 3

Run the hose to a drain or onto your lawn. Open the valve on top of the spigot on the hot tub. Allow the hot tub to drain completely.



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