How to Remove a Drain Hose From a Washing Machine

Your washing machine drain hose can develop cracks, causing leaks, or become clogged, resulting in poor drainage. Drain hoses are installed the same way among all manufacturers. Removing a drain hose from a washing machine requires getting behind the unit and locating the drain port where the hose is attached. Replacement hoses for washers are available at home improvement centers and appliance repair facilities.


Step 1

Disconnect the washing machine power cord from the wall outlet. Turn off the two water spigots at the wall to shut off the water supply to the washer.

Step 2

Pull the washing machine away from the wall enough to work behind it comfortably.

Step 3

Find the compression clamp securing the drain hose to the back of the washing machine. Press the two ears of the compression clamp together with a pair of slip-joint pliers. Pull the compression clamp up the hose 6 inches and slowly release the clamp ears.

Step 4

Grab the hose near the port on the back of the washer with your hands, and pull it away from the washer. Cut the plastic tie securing the opposite end to the house drain with a utility knife. Pull the drain hose out of the house drain and away from the washer.