How to Install My Whirlpool Duet Dryer Rack

The dryer rack included with your Whirlpool Duet dryer is useful for removing moisture from shoes, down pillows and other items unsuitable for tumbling. Installing the rack is designed to be simple; it takes under a minute to switch from normal tumble to rack drying mode. The dryer rack is not suitable for use with sensor cycles; the dryer will not be able to detect the amount of moisture remaining in items on the rack, so always use a timed cycle.

Step 1

Open the dryer door and insert the dryer rack with the supporting attachments pointing downward.

Step 2

Line the hooks on the front edge of the rack with the holes in the dryer door opening and set the rear edge on the ledge at the back of the drum.

Step 3

Push the hooks on the front of the rack down inside the holes in the door opening to fasten the rack in place.

Step 4

Load the rack, leaving space between each item. Do not allow clothes to dangle off the edge of the rack.

Step 5

Close the dryer and select a timed dry cycle with a low temperature setting. Some items may only be dried using the "Air Only" option; always check the label. Start the dryer to begin.