Whirlpool Dryer Cycle Description

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Although Whirlpool clothes dryers can vary slightly in the cycles they feature based on model, most dryers offer similar cycle options. In general, you can choose from two basic cycles: automatic and manual or timed. There are advantages to each one, and ultimately their selection often depends on the clothing fabrics that you're drying. A brief explanation of each cycle will enable you to get the most benefit from your dryer.


Automatic Cycle

If you choose an automatic cycle, the dryer will know automatically the dryness level or temperature in which to operate. It also will sense how long to run based on the dryness of the clothes as they tumble. There are multiple automatic drying cycles on most Whirlpool dryers: heavy duty, normal, casual, delicate and super delicate. For example, by selecting "heavy duty," your dryer will run for approximately 40 minutes and heat at a high temperature. This setting is used typically for drying towels or bulky linens. Conversely, if you wanted to dry delicate fabrics, such as lace, you would choose the "super delicate" automatic drying cycle, in which your dryer will tumble for about 22 minutes at a relatively low temperature.


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Manual Cycle: Timed Dry

A Whirlpool dryer features multiple manual drying cycles, which allow you to choose the dryness level and cycle length. Usually, three basic dryness levels are offered on Whirlpool dryers: timed dry, touch up and quick dry. For the most part, you'd use timed dry after an automatic cycle finishes, but the clothes inside are still damp. It's probably used most for drying laundry loads with heavy fabrics, such as cotton. The default time for a manual "timed dry" cycle is 40 minutes, but you can adjust the minutes more or less depending on what you're drying. Its default temperature is high, but you can adjust this to medium or low with the dryer's manual controls.


Manual Cycle: Touch Up and Quick Dry

Your Whirlpool dryer also might feature two other manual drying cycles: touch-up and quick dry. Like timed dry, these cycles have default times and dryness levels, but you can change them based on your drying needs. You'd normally use "touch up" to remove wrinkles from clothing that has remained in the dryer or a drawer for a long time. Its default temperature is medium heat, and it will run for approximately 20 minutes unless you increase or decrease the timer. Select "quick dry" to dry very small loads of laundry with one or two items. Its default setting is high heat with a 27-minute total dry time. However, you can adjust the temperature and minutes from the control panel to suit better your drying needs.


Wrinkle Shield

Certain Whirlpool clothes dryer feature a Wrinkle Shield cycle, which you can select from the dryer's control panel if you want to prevent your clothes from becoming wrinkled after the drying cycle finishes. The dryer will come on periodically to tumble and fluff clothes to smooth out wrinkles without heat until you're able to empty it.


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