How to Use Kenmore Dryer Racks

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Some Kenmore dryer models include an add-on drying rack, ideal for drying items that should not tumble dry, such as wool sweaters or handmade knits. The rack sits still as the dryer emits heat or air, depending upon your preference, as an alternative to drying items on a clothesline.


How to Use Kenmore Dryer Racks
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Installing the Rack

The drying racks sold with some Kenmore electric dryers are designed to be easy to install and just as easy to remove after use. After you open the unit, press the pegs that are located on the back of the dryer rack into the matching dimples on the inside back wall of the dryer. Rest the front portion of the rack inside the opening of the dryer. The rack should be horizontal, and the dryer door should still close completely if the rack is properly installed.


The rack for some Kenmore Elite steam dryer models doesn't have pegs on the back, so installation is slightly different. Instead of pressing pegs, you would slide the rack into the dryer and rest its front edge inside the indentations in the lint tray within the opening of the dryer. Rest the back edge of the rack against the back wall inside the dryer, just above the drum. The rack should be completely horizontal.

Using the Dryer Rack

Place one or more delicate items you wish to dry on the dryer rack, allowing for space between items if drying more than one thing. When drying an article of clothing, such as a silk shirt, spread it out so it rests completely atop the rack without hanging over the edges. This is highly important because any item that hangs may get caught by the dryer drum when the unit is in operation. If this happens, the item could get snagged on the rack, causing potential damage to the garment or to the drum. Do not place any items, other than those being rack-dried, in the dryer. Close the dryer door and select a heated or air-only timed cycle, then press the "Start" button.


If using an Elite model dryer, select the "Rack Dry" option on the control panel, rather than "Timed Dry."

Special Precautions

No matter which dryer model you have, its rack should only be used when not tumble drying other items, as this will damage the dryer. Items, such as shoes with rubber soles, should only be dried on an air-only cycle, as heat could melt the rubber. Plush toys and anything else that could potentially melt or shrink should also be dried without the heat option – or at most, on a low-heat setting.

Be sure to remove the dryer rack after use, especially if others may use the dryer later on.



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