Kenmore designed special drying racks for use in their dryers. The dryer racks are useful for clothes that shouldn't be tumble dried. In addition, the Kenmore dryer rack prevents clothes from wrinkling. When placed in the machine, the dryer rack remains stationary as the drum rotates. You can operate the machine as normal, and the hot air in the dryer circulates through the machine, drying the clothes on the rack.

Step 1

Open the dryer door and place the dryer rack over the bottom of the opening. The back wire of the rack should rest on the back ledge of the dryer.

Step 2

Push down evenly on the dryer rack to secure it within the dryer.

Step 3

Place wet laundry on the dryer rack, allowing space between each item of clothing. Do not let the clothing hang over the rack as the rotating drum will knock it off the rack.

Step 4

Close the door. Press the "Timed Dry" button and use the "More Time" and "Less Time" buttons to increase or decrease drying time.

Step 5

Press "Temperature" to set the drying temperature and press the "Start" button to begin the drying cycle.

Step 6

Remove the dryer rack after use by lifting it straight up.