Maytag Dryer Error Codes

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The workweek leaves little time for laundry, so you may attempt to do laundry on the weekend. Unfortunately, the local Maytag repair person usually also works Monday through Friday, which can cause scheduling conflicts when a Maytag dryer error code pops up. Many times, a Maytag error code can be cured with some simple DIY skills and basic observations.


Error Codes and What They Mean

Error codes are the result of a malfunction that is an indication of some sort of fault. These faults are monitored by a control board attached to a series of sensors. Each sensor has its own purpose, and the error code will point you in the right direction to make an easy, quick repair. Some Maytag dryer error codes may require the assistance of a repair person or an electrician, but most can be fixed easily.


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AF, F4, and E3 Error Codes

Any of the AF, F4, and E3 error codes are the direct result of a restricted airflow problem and are the easiest to resolve. Many people know they should clean the lint screen but forget that the dryer vent needs to be cleaned on a regular basis as well.


Another venting issue may be that the vent pipe is crushed or kinked. The Maytag dryer will still run even while displaying these error codes, but it is not in your best interest to allow it to run. After resolving any airflow problems, clear the error code by touching any key. Any time remaining for the cycle will just pick up where it left off.

When installing a new dryer vent, make sure not to use too many elbows or make too many turns in the ductwork. This can cause restrictions. Always refer to the installation instructions for best results for your Maytag dryer. The straightest distance between two points is a straight line, and any twists and turns cause back pressure in the venting, causing your clothes not to dry safely, effectively, or efficiently. Too many turns in the vent piping can also cause AF, F4, and E3 error codes.


F#, E#, and L2 Error Codes

The F# and E# error codes indicate a problem that will require the dreaded call to the appliance repair person. Another error code that requires a call to a service technician, specifically an electrician, is the L2 error code. This error code is an indication of low or no line voltage being supplied to the dryer. How can something with no voltage know that there is no voltage? Well, it is not so much that there is no voltage but that one of the high voltage wires feeding the dryer is loose or not providing power correctly. Possibly, the power cord is not properly installed or plugged into the outlet completely. The L2 error code is usually found upon an initial installation of the Maytag dryer.


PF Error Code

A PF error code is simply a power failure. Sometimes, a rainy or lousy day is the best time to do the laundry. And sometimes, a storm will cause power interruptions, giving the Maytag dryer a PF error code. This is an easy fix. Press and hold the "start" button to restart the Maytag dryer cycle. If you just want to clear the error code without restarting the dryer, press the power button to clear the display.



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