How to Install the Base Grille on a GE Refrigerator

All GE refrigerators have a grille located at the bottom of the refrigerator, below the door. The grille covers the condenser coils and allows airflow into the refrigerator for cooling. The grille is constructed of plastic and snaps on and off of the refrigerator for easy installation and removal. To clean the coils, or to service the refrigerator, it may be necessary to remove the grille. Prior to removing the grille, disconnect the power, and do not restore power until it has been reinstalled.

Step 1

Open the refrigerator door or doors so that the bottom of the refrigerator is completely accessibly if replacing the grille on a side-by-side or freezer-on-top model. If the freezer is on the bottom and consists of a pull-out drawer, do not open the door.

Step 2

Align the grille on the bottom of the refrigerator and align the clips on the rear of the grille with the brackets to which they are secured. Alternatively, align the screw holes on the grille with the screw holes on the base of the refrigerator. Insert the lip on the top of the grille into the top of the bottom opening, if the grille has one.

Step 3

Push firmly on one side of the grille to lock the clip onto the bracket, or secure the grille using one of the screws that was originally removed.

Step 4

Push firmly on the other side of the grille or insert and tighten the other screw to complete the installation of the grille.