How to Remove an InSinkErator Garbage Disposal

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First unplug your garbage disposal before removing it.
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If you have an InSinkErator garbage disposal, you likely rely heavily on it to help rid you of food scraps and to keep your sink clean and plumbing clear. Over time, all garbage disposals break down or wear out, however. If you are experiencing issues with your InSinkErator unit, you may need to remove it. Once removed, you can either attempt to repair or replace the garbage disposal.


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How to Remove an InSinkErator

If you were not present for your InSinkErator installation, you may not be certain how to uninstall it. The first step in the process is to turn off the circuit that the garbage disposal is on. Then, unplug the unit. It's best to turn the power off at the circuit and unplug the disposal just to be safe.

Then, you'll need to identify the entry point for the wiring to your garbage disposal. This is usually located on the side or the bottom of the unit. Remove the cover to this part of the disposal.


Then, disconnect the black and white wires and remove the ground screw so that you can also disconnect the ground wire. There is likely a nut that secures the wiring to the disposal unit; remove this, and then pull the wires out.

Disconnecting the Dishwasher and Drain

Assuming you also have a dishwasher, you'll need to remove the discharge hose that is located at the top of the disposal, according to Disposal Zone. Be sure your dishwasher is not running before you do this. By loosening the clamp on the hose, you can get enough leverage to remove the hose from the disposal. There may be water in the hose, so keep a tub or bucket handy to keep things neat.


Your garbage disposal is also connected to a drainpipe. You can undo this by using pliers to loosen the nuts making the connection. Then, rotate the InSinkErator at least three times from the top to unscrew it. Once you've turned the unit enough it will fall from its mount, so be sure to have a hand beneath it to catch it.

If you'll be installing a new garbage disposal, you can leave your connections loose, as you will need them when you add the new unit. If you don't plan to put in another garbage disposal, you should prepare to clamp off the hoses and close off the pipes as needed.


Replacing a Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator 444 replacement, or the replacement of other garbage disposals made by this manufacturer, is fairly straightforward. Once you have removed the old unit, you should be able to install the new one by following the instructions in the manual.

According to Emerson, manufacturer of the InSinkErator, their products are built with an "Easy Swap" system that allows you to seamlessly change out an old unit for a new one. Garbage disposals in their power series line come with everything you need to install them right in the box.


If you are unsure about how to install the new garbage disposal, it's best to consult a professional. Emerson does offer you the option of hiring a technician to come to your home for installation or removal.



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