How Do I Change My Bosch Fridge and Freezer Door From Left to Right

If you have the perfect Bosch refrigerator in the perfect location, but can't open your door because it swings the wrong way, reverse it. Refrigerator doors can be reversed to open the opposite direction by removing the hardware and moving it to the other side. The doors can only be reversed on top and bottom Bosch models.

Step 1

Remove the screws on the hinges on the freezer door with a screwdriver. Put the hinges and screws to the side.

Step 2

Grab the freezer door by the sides and lift it off the pin. Set the freezer door aside. Remove the pin.

Step 3

Remove the screws on the freezer door handle with a screwdriver. Reserve the handle and screws.

Step 4

Remove the plugs from the opposite side of the freezer door. Pry them off with a flat head screwdriver if you can't remove them with your fingers. Insert the plugs into the screws holes where the handle used to be. Attach the handle on the opposite side by inserting the screws into the holes where the plugs used to be and tightening them with a screwdriver. Repeat this process with the hinges. For now, attach only the bottom hinge.

Step 5

Insert the bottom pin into the opposite side of the refrigerator. Lift the freezer door and slide it onto the pin. Attach the top hinge. Use a level to adjust the level of the freezer door. Adjust the hinges until the door is level.

Step 6

Repeat this process with the refrigerator door.

Rob Kemmett

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