How to Fix the Handle on the Bottom Freezer of a Maytag Refrigerator

Maytag bottom-freezer refrigerators use several different types of handles, depending upon the model. The handles on the bottom freezer can work loose over time because of use and sometimes because of being bumped by chairs or legs. Fixing the handle on the bottom freezer of a Maytag refrigerator is a bit different than fixing standard refrigerator handles. Most Maytag bottom-mount-freezer handles simply fit over the face of the drawer or door.

Horizontal Handle With Set Screws

Step 1

Find the plugs covering the set screw on the bottom end of the handle. Pry the plugs off with the blade of a utility knife.

Step 2

Remove the set screw on each end of the handle with a hex wrench. Pull the handle straight off once you remove the set screws.

Step 3

Turn the two handle studs on the freezer door clockwise with a hex wrench. Sometimes these studs will work loose.

Step 4

Inspect the set screws for wear. If the bottom of the set screws appear dull, replace them with new screws. Set screws are available at home improvement centers.

Step 5

Push the handle over the handle studs on the Maytag freezer door. Thread the set screws into the handle and tighten with the hex wrench. Push the plugs over the screw heads with your thumb.

Horizontal Handle With No Set Screw

Step 6

Grab the center of the handle with your hand if you do not have set screws on the bottom ends of the handle.

Step 7

Slide the handle in the opposite direction of the door hinge. The ends of the handle have keyhole slots that fit over the door handle studs. Pull the handle straight off the door.

Step 8

Tighten the door handle studs on the door with a hex wrench.

Step 9

Turn the screws securing the keyhole plates on the handle clockwise with a Phillips-head screwdriver. This tightens the keyhole plates to the handle.

Step 10

Line up the keyhole portion of the handle over the studs and push the handle flush against the door. Slide the handle toward the hinge side of the door to lock the handle in place.

Flat Handle

Step 11

Open the freezer door. Remove the screws securing the flat handle to the top of the freezer door with the Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 12

Check the threads of the screws. If the threads are worn or have damage, replace them with new screws.

Step 13

Position the handle over the top edge of the freezer door, lining up the mounting holes.

Step 14

Thread the securing screws into the mounting holes, and tighten with the screwdriver. Do not overtighten the screws.