How to Sell a Used Refrigerator

If you are getting a new refrigerator or if you are moving and no longer need your refrigerator, you may want to sell it. If you need to sell your old refrigerator, you can do so using a few different methods. There are some things to keep in mind no matter which method you choose, but overall you will probably be able to sell your old refrigerator pretty quickly.

Selling Your Refrigerator Online

Step 1

Open an account in an online "classifieds" site, or an online auction site. There are links to one of each below.

Step 2

Select an option to sell or post an item for auction. Include the brand, model, age, size and condition of your refrigerator.

Step 3

Take digital photos of your refrigerator from all sides. Open the doors and take photos of the inside as well. Post the photos with your listing.

Step 4

Set a closing time and a starting bid if you are using an auction site. List contact information and your price on a "classified ad" site.

Resale Stores Or Shops

Step 5

Contact your local used appliances store and ask them if they are currently looking to buy used refrigerators.

Step 6

Keep your refrigerator's information handy because the owner of the shop may ask for a specific model number or other information.

Step 7

Set a price with the owner of the shop. Understand that the appliances are sold to the customers at a discount, and you will be paid very little in comparison to the refrigerator's actual worth.

Step 8

Arrange to drop the refrigerator off at the store if the owner has agreed to buy it from you unless specified that he would pick it up.


Step 9

Take digital photos of your refrigerator to print onto a flier. Take photos from all angles.

Step 10

Upload the photos to your computer so that you can arrange them on a word processing document.

Step 11

Type a description of your refrigerator. Include information about it's condition, age, model number, and brand. Include the price you will accept from a buyer and your contact information.

Step 12

Post the fliers on community bulletin boards around your area, or hand them out to people you know.


Step 13

Place an ad in your local newspaper in the items for sale section. Write out a brief summary including the most important information--price, brand, age and your contact information.

Step 14

Call the ad department of your local newspaper to place your ad and get pricing details and payment arrangements.

Step 15

Discuss payment and pick-up or drop-off of the refrigerator with potential customers who call to inquire about your ad.