How to Dispose of an Old Fridge in LA

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If you have a refrigerator smaller than 10 cubic feet, most utility company recycling programs will not accept it. Take this type of refrigerator to a recycling center.


Never place an old refrigerator on a street curb as toxic compounds within the refrigerator, such as the CFC tank, can leak.

Disposing of a refrigerator in LA can be financially rewarding.
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Refrigerators are built to last years; however, when it comes time to get rid of your old refrigerator you must follow the disposal laws established by Los Angeles. The steps taken to dispose an old refrigerator will vary based on your utility company and whether or not the refrigerator is in working condition.


Step 1

Schedule a refrigerator pickup if you are a Los Angeles Department of Water & Power residential customer by calling 1-800-246-0441. LADWP states that existing customers with working refrigerators can have this appliance picked up free of charge and receive a $35 rebate as part of their Refrigerator Turn-In and Recycle Program, which is also known as the RETIRE program.


Step 2

Submit the completed Consumer Rebate Application along with proof of pick-up, such as the pick-up receipt, to the LADWP to receive the $35 cash rebate.

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Step 3

Schedule a refrigerator pickup if you are a Southern California Edison customer by calling 1-800-234-9722. SCE picks up old working refrigerators from their customers free of charge, and upon doing so you will be awarded a $50 cash rebate. You may also sign-up for the refrigerator pick-up online at the SCE website. Take note, the refrigerator must be located at your SCE service address and must be 10 to 32 cubic feet.


Step 4

Locate a SA Recycling Center nearest you. As of 2010, the greater Los Angeles area houses nine full-service SA Recycling Centers capable of recycling refrigerators. If you have a non-working refrigerator or your utility company does not offer a recycling service, hauling your old refrigerator to one of the centers ensure the refrigerator is properly recycled.


Step 5

Bring your old working or non-working refrigerator to the SA Recycling Center and drop it off at the designated spot. The center will weigh the refrigerator and give you a weigh ticket. Take the weigh ticket to the cash window, and pick up your cash based on the weight of your appliance.