How to Remove the Grill From a Holmes Fan

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Holmes manufactures a variety of fans for use in homes and businesses including window, tabletop and stand fans. The grills on a Holmes fan act as a barrier around the fan blades to stop you from coming in contact with the blades during use – helping to prevent injury. Typically, Holmes designs fans for fast disassembly for repair and cleaning. As a result, grills usually have simple locking hardware -- making it possible for you to remove one or more grills from your fan with ease.


Step 1

Turn off and unplug your Holmes fan.

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Step 2

Look at the type of hardware used to secure the front grill in place. Typically, Holmes secures fan grills with a screw-type cap, movable or stationary clips and/or screws. You may see one type of hardware or a combination of types.


Step 3

Loosen and/or remove the securing hardware. For example, if your fan has a cap at the front of the fan blade and grill assembly that secures the grills and blade(s) to the fan body, unscrew the cap from the front. If your Holmes fan has clips on a ring around the edges of the grills, or attached to the back grill, lift up the clips. If your fan has one or more screws, loosen and/or remove the screws – either the grill screw at the bottom of the assembly or regular screws inserted through the back of the assembly.


Step 4

Remove the front grill – pull it toward you away from your fan or lift it slightly up and out of any rings, grooves or stationary clips and then pull it away. Remove the fan blade assembly from the motor shaft so that you can access the back grill.

Step 5

Check whether any hardware secures the back fan grill to the fan body such as a mounting nut or screws. The grill may rest without hardware on mounting posts, prongs or some type of grooved, molded plastic. If the grill has a nut or screws securing it to the fan body, unscrew and remove the hardware.

Step 6

Pull the back grill from the fan.

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