How to Remove a Hunter Ceiling Fan

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Things You'll Need

  • Standard-head screwdriver

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Wrench or pliers

  • Step ladder

Hunter ceiling fans are popular appliances for circulating air throughout a room. In some situations, you may want to remove the fan. Hunter ceiling fans share hardware that makes their removal straightforward for the lay person if some precautions are taken.

Step 1

Turn off the circuit breaker that provides power to the Hunter ceiling fan and confirm that the power is off by trying to turn the fan on. If the fan turns on, check that the proper circuit breaker has been turned off.

Step 2

Remove the light bulbs and lamp shades, if your Hunter ceiling fan is equipped with these. In some cases, the light bulbs will need to be removed first. Removing these will help prevent broken glass while removing the fan.

Step 3

Remove the fan blades by unscrewing the screws where the blades meet the blade irons. For models with the Easy Lock system, open the locking mechanism on the blade iron and push it counterclockwise to unlock the blade. This makes the fan less bulky and easier to work with.

Step 4

Remove the canopy trim ring that covers the top part of the canopy on the Hunter ceiling fan by squeezing the ring with two fingers and firmly pulling downward along various points until the ring pops off. Many models use two canopy trim rings; both may be removed this way.

Step 5

Remove all screws connecting the canopy to the mounting bracket, except the screw that has a tab sticking out above the screw head. This screw allows you to drop the canopy partially away from the mounting bracket.

Step 6

Swing the canopy away from the mounting bracket, using the tabbed screw as a pivot. Disconnect all of the electrical connections to the Hunter ceiling fan motor by removing the wire nuts and untwisting the wires on the motor from the wires running into the ceiling. Disconnect the copper colored grounding wire that may be attached to the canopy.

Step 7

Remove the final screw that holds the canopy to the mounting bracket and unhook the installation-safety J-hook that enables the canopy and motor to hang freely from the mounting bracket loop, if applicable.

Step 8

Unscrew the mounting bracket from the ceiling plate and unscrew the ceiling plate from the outlet box.

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