How to Remove the Grill From a Honeywell Turbo Fan

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When it comes to keeping you cool, small fans, such as the Honeywell turbo fan, pack a lot of power. If you need to make repairs to your unit or clean the fan blades, you may need to remove the grill from the fan. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple process requiring only a few tools that you likely already have on hand.

How to Remove the Grill From a Honeywell Turbo Fan
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How to Remove the Grill From a Honeywell Turbo Fan

Before beginning your cleaning or repair, unplug the fan. Be sure that the fan's blades are not moving at all.

Depending on the model you own, the fan's grill may be secured with a varied number of screws. The screws will likely be located on the rear of the grill. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, loosen the screws. Most models allow you to loosen the screws but not remove them. Loosening these screws should permit you to pull the front grill away from the fan.

Once you can feel the front grill move, pull it off the fan. Now, you should be able to clean the fan blades or conduct basic repairs as needed.

Grill Removal by Model

Most Honeywell fans, such as the HT-380 and HT 8800 series, are assembled in essentially the same manner. Other series that share a grill removal method include HT-800, HT-900, HT-900C, HFT-114B, HFT-311B, HFT-314, HT-9004C and HFT-3108B/HFT-3108BC. You should be able to use the above method to remove the front grill cover for these new models.

Older fan models may be assembled differently, such as with glue or side snaps. Before getting started, look for screws on the rear of your grill assembly. If they are not visible, check for side snaps. If side snaps are not present and you see a seam around the entire perimeter of your fan, it's likely that your grill was glued together.

If you find that you are unable to remove the grill via screws or snaps but need to clean your fan, the use of compressed air or a pipe cleaner may suffice.

Cleaning Your Honeywell Turbo Fan

Over time, dust and dirt may accumulate inside your fan. In particular, dust tends to linger on the fan blades and in the grill. You can wipe fan blades with a damp cloth or use a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner attachment to clean them. For hard-to-reach places in your fan, a can of compressed air makes a great cleaning tool. A pipe cleaner will also suffice for tight nooks and crannies.


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