My Sunbeam Electric Blanket Won't Get Hot

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Sunbeam electric blankets, or heated blankets, include a feature called the ThermoFine Warming System. The technology allows the blankets to adjust the warmth they provide based on surrounding temperatures. It cannot prevent some blankets from failing to work properly, however.

Troubleshooting Procedure

When spread flat, Sunbeam electric blankets do not feel hot when you touch them. To determine whether a blanket works correctly, you must fold it three times, plug it in and turn it on for about seven minutes. The blanket requires servicing or replacement if you do not feel it warming up when you insert your hand inside a folded area after completing the steps.


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Repair Service

If troubleshooting indicates your Sunbeam electric blanket does not heat up properly, you should unplug the product right away, stop using it and get it repaired or replaced. Sunbeam services defective blankets that are still under warranty when you contact the consumer care department through the company website.



Using your Sunbeam electric blanket inappropriately can cause it to stop working, overheat or even catch on fire. Inappropriate use includes plugging the blanket into an extension cord instead of a wall socket, sticking pins into the blanket and using the blanket when the cord is damaged.



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