Sunbeam Electric Blanket Operating Instructions

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To avoid risk of fire, make sure the cord is plugged firmly into the module at the end of the blanket. Do not plug the blanket into an extension cord. Keep the control unit away from open windows. Do not use the electric blanket with infants, incapacitated persons, diabetics or those with an insensitivity to heat. Store and use the blanket out of the reach of animals. Do not use the blanket if it has a damaged cord.

Sunbeam Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of warming blankets and heated mattress pads that has been in business for more than 100 years. According to the company website, its products can be found in over 25 million households. Although Sunbeam offers a variety of warming items, the instructions to operate each of them are much the same and quite straightforward.


Step 1

Lay the electric blanket on your bed. Position it so the label affixed to the blanket is at the foot of the bed and facing upward.

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Step 2

Connect the cord to the module at the bottom of the blanket, near the label. You will know it is connected when you hear the plastic hinges click.


Step 3

Run the cord along the floor under the bed. Do not wedge it between the mattress and box spring, and make sure it does not get pinched or tangled.

Step 4

Place the warming control on either side of the bed, near the headboard. If your blanket has dual controls, set one on each side of your bed.


Step 5

Plug your blanket into the outlet.

Step 6

Turn the blanket on by pressing the "On/Off" button on the control.

Step 7

Adjust the temperature of the blanket by turning the large dial on the top of the control unit. As you turn the dial, the temperature selected will be shown on the small screen on the control unit.


Step 8

Preheat the blanket by pressing the "On/Off" button once and then hitting the "Preheat" button. The blanket will warm for 30 minutes before going back to its previous setting. To stop preheating, simply press "On/Off."