Why Doesn't My Electric Blanket Work?

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An electric blanket will provide toasty warmth even on the most bitter cold evenings. Heat is also therapeutic to aching muscles and sore joints. If your blanket unexpectedly stops working, some simple troubleshooting may provide an easy solution to your dilemma.


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In order to work properly, the electric blanket must be plugged into an operational electric outlet. Try plugging the blanket into another outlet to see if this is the problem.



The control connector to the blanket must be fully inserted. Electric blanket maker WestPoint's website recommends checking to make sure the latch mechanism on the connector is fully engaged. The control connector can only be inserted one way, so if you feel you are forcing the connector in you likely have it the wrong way.



Check to make sure the dial is on and allow the blanket to heat up for around 15 minutes or so.


The blanket may not function properly if there are kinks in the wiring. Check to see that the blanket is not bunched up or knotted on the bed.



If the wiring becomes damaged, the blanket will not work. Inspect the blanket for frays, cuts and tears to the internal wiring mechanisms.


The controller houses the thermostat mechanism which could become faulty. The controller should also be free of frays or cuts in the cord. Replacement controllers can usually be replaced as a unit according to the Repair FAQ website.