Programming and Troubleshooting Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers

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Wayne Dalton Garage Doors no longer makes garage door openers, but the garage door manufacturer made about a dozen residential openers, many of which are still in use or still available through retailers. So if you buy a Wayne Dalton opener or you have one and encounter difficulty, you can still program it, reprogram it or fix it.

Programming and Troubleshooting Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers
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Programming the Opener

It's easiest to program the keyless Wayne Dalton opener in your hand, but if you can't remove it from the wall, you can leave it there. Make sure the door is closed before you start the programming or reprogramming process. Locate the program button on the right side, towards the back of the motor head. It has a red LED light above it. The light on the opener will come on for 30 seconds. Make sure you're at least 6 feet away from the opener, or you could cause programming failure.You'll need to put in a five digit PIN, or personal identification number. Your address would not be a safe PIN to choose. Once the PIN is entered, the red LED light will blink three times, letting you know programming is complete.

If there's a problem, press the "7"/"8" key and the "9"/"0" keys simultaneously. That will reset the keyless entry, and you can repeat the process. This keyless entry pad can control multiple doors, and you can set different PINs for each door.

Programming the Transmitter and Wireless Wall Unit

Again, locate the program button on the right side of the opener unit. Press and release the program button and the red LED light above it. The light will come on for one minute, during which time you enter your PIN. The LED light will again blink three times to let you know you have correctly programmed the remote. Press the transmitter button again, and the opener will activate and open the garage door. Follow the same steps for the wireless wall remote.

Programming an idrive Opener

The Wayne Dalton idrive opener only works with Wayne Dalton Doors. These are equipped with Wayne Dalton's Torquemaster torsion spring system. When troubleshooting the accessories to this opener, pull the emergency disconnect cord. On the front cover of the opener, again press and release the round red button. This will beep, not flash. You'll have 30 seconds to program the code. When the opener has accepted the code, it will beep again. If you don't hear a beep, you'll need to start over again.

Don't press any buttons accidentally on Wayne Dalton openers, or you'll need to start over.

Quantum Series Opener

For the Quantum Series openers, press the program button, and the light above it and the light on the motor will remain on for one minute. Then, you're ready to program the transmitter. Press the button you want to operate the transmitter, and it will blink three times. Press the same button to confirm that the opener works. If it doesn't work, you will probably need to replace the battery Make sure you replace the battery with a duplicate battery.

Troubleshooting Other Problems

If your Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener doesn't seem to be working right, make sure all the batteries are up to date, and the cord, outlet and wall switch work properly. Also check the wires by disconnecting the wires at the opener from the wall station. If the door doesn't open and the light flashes, make sure there's nothing obstructing the door. You can disconnect the door from the remote operator, and open the door by hand. If there's a buildup of snow and ice, clear the area. If the door doesn't open and close properly, adjust the limit with a screwdriver. Adjust one-fourth turn to 1 inch of travel, counterclockwise for the open limit and clockwise for the close limit. If the door closes and then opens again on its own, adjust the rod in the tube to provide 1 inch of cushion compression when the door is completely closed. If the door starts to close then opens again and the light begins to flash, the infrared safety sensors are out of adjustment or defective. Check the alignment according to your owner's manual, check batteries and contact points, and check for obstructions.

Wayne Dalton garage door openers were popular because they fit into smaller spaces than other garage door openers. With a little care, you should be able to maintain your Wayne Dalton opener for many years to come.

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