How to Program a Stanley Garage Door Universal Remote

Stanley garage door openers are older motorized door openers that can be operated by remote control. Though Stanley stopped manufacturing garage door openers in 1997, many garages still use these garage door openers. The three-button remote control supplied with the garage door opener can be programmed to work with the garage door opener it was packaged with and with other garage door openers. A special code in the remote control links the control to each garage door opener.

Step 1

Climb the ladder to a comfortable height so you can access the control panel on the back of the garage door opener motor unit.

Step 2

Press the "R" button on the left side of the control panel. When you press the button, the red indicator light will turn on.

Step 3

Program the remote button you want to control the garage door opener by pressing the corresponding button. The lights on the motor unit will blink and then turn off when the remote is saved.

Step 4

Press the remote control button you programmed into the motor unit to test if it operates the door.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 1 to 4 to program other remote controls to this garage door motor unit, or to program the remaining two buttons on the remote control for additional garage door motor units.