How to Fix an Air Leak in a Sleep Number Bed

A Sleep Number bed pumps air in and out of the mattress to adjust how hard it is. If the mattress has a small hole, crack or tear in it, it will slowly leak air. This can ruin your sleeping experience. Finding and fixing the leaks may take several attempts to determine where they are coming from. Consult Sleep Comfort if the leaks persist; if you cannot patch the leaks, you may need to contact a professional to repair the mattress.


Step 1

Remove the sheets from the bed.

Step 2

Unzip the bed cover. Pull back the cover and the foam. This will expose the gray air chamber you will examine for leaks.

Step 3

Remove the gray foam board at the top of the bed to fully access the air chamber. If you aren't able to fully expose the air chamber, you will not be able to feel the air coming out of it.

Step 4

Press on the hoses around the air chamber into the mattress to ensure they are properly connected to the bed. If the hose is popped out slightly, it may be leaking air. If you still notice air loss, continue to the next step.

Step 5

Examine each of the gray tabs around the mattress to ensure they are properly pressed into the mattress. Press them into the mattress if they are poking out and are leaking air. If you can still feel the mattress leaking air, continue to the next step.

Step 6

Push in the gray tab to remove it from the mattress. Check the white connector for cracks. Old connectors will dry and crack and will eventually leak air. Keep note of which tabs are cracked and which are leaking air.

Step 7

Press the white caps over the cracked connectors and the connectors that are leaking air. The white caps will prevent the air from leaking and will come with your Sleep Number mattress.

Step 8

Put the mattress back together by putting the gray foam board back on top of the bed to cover the top of the air chamber. Replace the foam over the mattress, and zip the bed cover back on it. Put the sheets back on the mattress.