How to Fix Moen Quick Connect Faucets

A Moen quick connect faucet is any Moen faucet using the quick connect hose kit. This kit allows fast connections from the water pipes under the sink to your faucet. It's a simpler way to attach and detach these hoses, using a series of clips inside the hoses themselves. When one of these hoses leaks or needs repair, you replace the system, a task that takes only about 10 minutes to complete.

Step 1

Turn off the water supply to the faucet by rotating the two valve handles on the hot and cold water pipes right beneath the Moen quick connect hoses. Turn the valves clockwise all the way until each one stops and will not turn anymore.

Step 2

Locate the small clip retainers at the base of the hose connectors. Pull the retainer clips out with your fingers or use a pair of pliers to pull the retainer clips out, and then disconnect the hoses. Slide the hoses off by hand simply by pulling them away from the connection.

Step 3

Slide the new quick connect hose onto the faucet connectors and hold in place with your hands.

Step 4

Press the new retainer clip into the hose with your thumb until the clip locks into place. Repeat the process to secure the other end of the hose and as necessary on remaining quick connect hose connectors.

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