Drop-in ranges derive their name from their installation. The counters and cabinetry in a kitchen are already built and the range is "dropped-in" between cabinets. This provides counter space on either side of the appliance, making meal preparation a bit more easy. If you are remodeling a kitchen that has a drop-in range and want to replace it, uninstalling the drop-in is straightforward, but you will likely need help to manage its weight.

Step 1

Turn off power to the kitchen or to the breaker dedicated to the drop-in range on the main electrical panel. You can find you home's electrical panel in the basement, laundry room or garage. If the drop-in is gas powered, turn off the gas supply by shutting off the LP or natural gas tank outside.

Step 2

Shine a flashlight in the crack between the counter and drop-in range to look for mounting bolts or screws. In addition, look behind the range to see if it is mounted to the wall by shinning a flashlight behind the drop-in.

Step 3

Open the cabinet doors to find the screw or bolt heads fastened from the cabinetry to the drop-in. Unfasten the mounting screws or bolts using a screw gun with the appropriate head or bit. Look in each cabinet on either side of the drop-in to get all the mounting screws/bolts.

Step 4

Have someone assist you in lifting the range enough to unplug the power cord from the outlet or to turn off, then unfasten the gas line. Position a hand truck in-front of the drop-in range. Pull and lift the drop-in range out from the cabinets, sliding it onto the had truck. Carry the drop-in out of the kitchen on the hand truck.