How to Lift the Top of a GE Gas Range

General Electric gas ranges are appliances that combine both an oven and a stove in one unit. After regular use, it may be necessary to make certain repairs, such as replacing the ignitors or burner orifices. To access these components, you must first lift the stove-top. The stove-top is secured using spring clips rather than screws. Accessing the clips may seem tricky at first, but with the proper tools you can quickly lift the stove-top, allowing you to repair your range.

Step 1

Allow the stove-top to completely cool before disassembling.

Step 2

Remove the burner grates and burner caps from the range.

Step 3

Remove the burner bases from the range. On some models of GE ranges, the bases may be secured using two screws, and on other models there are no screws securing the bases.

Step 4

Insert a putty knife on the right side of the range, near the front, between the bottom of the cook-top and the top of the side panel. Press inward on the putty knife to release the spring clip securing the stove-top to the range. Repeat for the other side of the stove.

Step 5

Lift the stove-top and place a sturdy object below it to secure it up. Or instruct a partner to hold the top in an elevated position.