How to Make Stained Wood Kitchen Cabinets Look Fresh

Over time, grease and grime can build up on your stained wood kitchen cabinets and make them look dirty and dull. When this happens, you'll find you can instantly update the look of your kitchen when you clean and polish wood cabinets. Cleaning removes all of the nasty build-up that occurs, and polishing helps restore the luster and shine your kitchen cabinets had when you first bought them. A good kitchen cabinet cleaning and polishing will help your kitchen cabinets look fresh and new.

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Step 1

Dip a clean cloth in warm, soapy water. Use hand dish-washing detergent as your soap because it helps fight grease.

Step 2

Wash the surface of your wooden kitchen cabinets, scrubbing gently to remove the greasy build-up. Pay particular attention around the handles when you clean kitchen cabinets because there can be extra build-up there.

Step 3

Wipe the surface dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 4

Use oil soap to wash the surface of your kitchen cabinets again. This will remove any residual grease left behind by the first washing. Wipe the solution onto the cabinets, and then buff it dry with a clean cloth.

Step 5

Spray a thin layer of furniture polish onto your wood kitchen cabinets.

Step 6

Let the polish sit for two to three minutes. Wipe the polish away with a clean cloth.