How to Make a Garlic Mosquito Barrier

Garlic is a natural repellent that is useful in discouraging insects from an outdoor area. Just as many insects including mosquitoes avoid naturally growing garlic, they will also avoid created garlic barriers. Homemade garlic sprays are made with garlic cloves and other ingredients to create a liquid that is applied around decks, patios and other areas to ward off mosquitoes that often carry potentially harmful diseases.

Create a mosquito barrier with garlic oil spray.

Step 1

Place 3 ounces of chopped and minced fresh garlic in a container. Add 2 tsp. of mineral oil to the garlic and seal the container. Allow the oil and garlic to set and mix for 24 hours.

Step 2

Fill another container with 1 pint of water. Add 1/4 ounce of liquid soap to the water in the container. Cover the container and shake to mix the water and soap thoroughly.

Step 3

Pour the soap and water mixture into the container with the oil and garlic. Slowly add the soapy water and stir with a spoon to mix with the oil and garlic.

Step 4

Place a piece of an old nylon stocking over a container to use as a strainer. Pour the combined ingredients through the stocking to strain out the minced garlic pieces.

Step 5

Measure 1 1/2 tbsp. of the garlic oil into a spray bottle with a measuring spoon. Add 1 pint of water to the oil in the bottle. Place the spray top on the bottle and shake to mix. Spray the oil and water mixture onto the landscape and lawn around an outdoor sitting area to ward off and control mosquitoes.