How to Get Rid of Midges Indoors

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Keep lights turned off close to doors and windows, as midges are attracted to light and will seek it out, thus bringing the bugs close enough to your house to get inside.


Do not use bug lights or bug zappers, as the light emitted attracts midges and will thus cause gnats to swarm close to the light.

Swatting at midges doesn't work due to the small size of gnats.
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Flying insects buzzing around the inside of a house can be annoying and hard to control. Midges, also known as gnats, can be difficult to get rid of based on how small the insects are and the amount of midges once you have noticed the bugs in your house. Using a variety of techniques will help you get rid of the midges already in the house and help prevent more from showing up as well.


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Step 1

Place tightly woven screens on your windows. Use screens with the smallest hole openings available. Keep windows closed, as midges can fly through tiny screen holes and thus get inside.

Step 2

Remove all standing and pooled water from the outside of your home. Move potted plants away from doors and windows, as the water attracts midges, thus bringing the bugs closer to your home.


Step 3

Create traps for midges or gnats. Pour one-half inch apple cider vinegar into a glass or plastic bowl or dish. Add two drops of liquid dish detergent to the vinegar. Set the bowls around the house, with at least one in every room where you have noticed midges. The gnats will be attracted to the liquid and die while attempting to land. You will need to dispose of the dead midges and replace the vinegar and detergent mixture every few days in order to catch more gnats.


Step 4

Soak a piece of cloth in pine oil. Hang the rag or cloth from the top of all windows to repel midges. Attach to the middle of the screen with pins to help ensure the smell repels gnats throughout the entire window area. Hang additional oil-soaked cloths above doors leading into your house, including garage doors.


Step 5

Use an indoor fogger made from pyrethrin. Follow all manufacturers recommendations for safe fogging indoors. Use DEET insect repellent on your body when in the house to further repel gnats and midges. Both insecticide options will provide temporary solutions to the problem of indoor midges, so preventing more gnats from getting indoors is essential.