Flies are irritating household pests that multiply quickly and are difficult to eliminate once they invade the home. The best way to solve fly problems is to prevent them from coming inside. Outdoor problem areas, such as garbage cans and pet elimination sites, also need to be treated.

Prevent flies from entering through door jams and windowsills.


Vinegar is relatively inexpensive and costs less than chemically-manufactured products. Vinegar is a natural insect repellent and is safe for use around kids and animals. Preventing flies from coming indoors and keeping them out of the kitchen is more effective than trapping them on fly strips later.


White distilled vinegar is effective for repelling flies when it used full strength. Diluted white vinegar is not as effective. A minimum of one application per week is necessary for maximum effectiveness. Apple cider vinegar attracts flies and is therefore ineffective at repelling them. Only use cider vinegar to trap existing flies.


Wipe undiluted vinegar on clean kitchen and bathroom countertops, around toilets and other areas flies accumulate. Spray or wipe windowsills and door jams to prevent them from coming in through the cracks. Soak outdoor trashcans and animal elimination areas with undiluted vinegar. To collect existing flies, fill a container half-full of apple cider vinegar and cover with a lid or plastic wrap. Poke a couple small holes in the top and allow flies to crawl through. Discard the vinegar and flies daily.