Portable dishwashers have wheels, and they do not require support cabinetry. This allows you to set them up anywhere in your home or apartment. Portable dishwashers, however, still work the same as traditional dishwashers and experience similar problems. If your dishwasher is leaking water, troubleshoot the issue since you can often repair this problem by yourself.

Fix leaks on your portable dishwasher, and save money on repair calls.


If your portable dishwasher is leaking, see if anything is keeping the door from closing properly. Remove any items blocking the door, and push in the racks. Check the door seals, and see if they are falling off. If so, reinstall them. Clean the seals if dirty, or replace them if they are torn or extremely brittle. If you add a dish after you start the dishwasher, keep the door open for a few seconds. This prevents the cold air from expanding too fast, which can cause water to leak through the door vent.


You must level your dishwasher before running it. If you do not, the door won't close properly. Adjust the leveling legs, or fix the floor beneath the dishwasher. Never place the dishwasher on an unstable floor. If necessary, place a 3/4-inch piece of plywood under the dishwasher to keep it level. Always use fresh detergent. Old or clumping detergent causes too many suds, which leaks out of the door frame. Only use enough detergent for your dishes, and use less detergent if you have soft water. Do not overfill the rinse aid dispenser, as rinse aid can leak into your dishwasher tub.


You have two hoses on the rear of your portable dishwasher -- a water inlet hose and a drainage hose. The inlet hose fills the tub with water, and the drainage hose moves the water from the tub to the household drain. These hoses can get clogged, causing water to backup. Clean the hose if dirty, and straighten if kinked. Check the hoses for cracks or splits, and patch or replace the hose. The main seal runs along the base of the tub. If this seal is compromised, water can leak out of your dishwasher. Remove the spray arm, bottom rack and impellers to access this seal, and pry it out with a crowbar. Order a new one from a parts dealer.

Water Inlet Valve/Temperature

The water inlet valve controls water flow. It has a small tube attached to it. This tube can leak if it splits. Replace or patch the tube. If the valve itself is leaking, you must get a new one since, this part is hard to fix. Only use water below 150 degrees Fahrenheit in your portable dishwasher. Water that is too hot can cause the tub to leak because it compromises the seals. Lower the temperature setting on your hot water heater.