How to Troubleshoot a Bosch Dishwasher Control Unit

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Bosch dishwashers use an electronic control panel with an on/off button, delay start, buttons for each wash cycle and additional options, display panel and start button. While the control panel is fairly straightforward for you to operate and should function well under most circumstances, there may be occasional problems with the unit. If this occurs, some troubleshooting may help you identify what's causing the issue and potentially determine a resolution.


Step 1

Connect the power cord firmly to the Bosch dishwasher as well as the power supply if the dishwasher isn't working or the display panel is blank. Replace or reset the circuit breaker or fuse if needed.

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Step 2

Close the dishwasher door firmly so that it latches into position. Press "On/Off" to turn on the dishwasher if there's power but the display is blank.


Step 3

Press the "A" button and "Start" at the same time until "0:01" appears in the display if none of the buttons on the control panel operate as expected. Close the door and wait approximately one minute. When the display shows "0:00," then the dishwasher is reset.

Step 4

Press the "+" or "-" button until "0:00" appears on the display if a time appears on the display, which indicates that a delay start may have been previously selected.


Step 5

Inspect the drain hose and straighten or clean as necessary if the error code "E24" appears, indicating a drainage problem.

Step 6

Remove items that may be blocking the waste water pump and ensure the cover on the pump is locked (turned clockwise) into place if the error code "E25" appears on the display.


Step 7

Turn off the water and power supply if "Check Water Display" appears. Disconnect the water supply hose and clean the inlet filter to remove debris. Reconnect the hose and the water supply before turning the dishwasher back on.



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