How to Keep Mice Out of My Closet

With autumn comes a change in temperature and leaf color and, quite often, mice attempting to get into your house. Mice look for shelter and food at the beginning of fall and often end up in people's homes. Once inside, they look for a secluded place that offers comfort and protection, which sometimes is your closet. Unless you don't mind sharing your abode with these small rodents, you'll need to keep them out. A few techniques are available.

Mice come into your closet to hide.

Step 1

Seal any cracks, gaps or holes in the exterior of your house that are larger than ¼-inch wide. Use strong material, such as heavy-gauge hardware cloth, sheet metal or concrete mortar to complete the job, as mice often chew through weaker materials. Replace any door or window screens that have holes and avoid keeping your door open, as mice can sneak in. Preventing mice from getting inside the home can keep them out of closets. Seal any holes or gaps leading into the closet, as well.

Step 2

Clean the closet. Seal any open food canisters and clean up any crumbs inside, as they attract mice. Remove as much clutter as possible, as it provides spots for mice to hide and nest.

Step 3

Place baited traps in the closet. Live traps contain the mice until you let them out, whereas wooden snap traps kill the mice when they attempt to feed on the bait. Place the traps near walls, as mice typically travel against them. Bait them with small amounts of peanut butter or chocolate; avoid using cheese as it goes rancid quickly.