How to Get Rid of Mice in the Bedroom

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If you have noticed mice in the bedroom of your home, you should act quickly to get rid of them. Mice breed frequently and give birth to a large number of babies each time. This means that the population of mice in your home can rapidly increase if you do not take action. You can trap the mice with traditional traps, or you can use humane alternatives to trap the mice live and release them outside your home.


Step 1

Remove any food that might be attracting the mice.

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Step 2

Clean the bedroom thoroughly to get rid of any crumbs or bits of food that could be drawing the mice to the bedroom.

Step 3

Look for any holes in the room that the mice could be coming in through. Mice can fit through holes as small as a quarter-inch wide. When you find the holes, plug them with steel wool.

Step 4

Set a trap in the bedroom to catch the mice. You can use glue traps, traditional traps or traps that catch the mice live so that you can release them.


Step 5

Get a cat. Even if the cat does not kill the mice, it might deter them from entering the bedroom.

Step 6

Place items around the room with a smell that repels mice. Such smells include peppermint, mothballs, onion and ammonia. For peppermint, you can use peppermint essential oil.



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