How to Get Rid of Mice in the Bedroom

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Mice in the home or bedroom is something you want to take care of immediately. When mice enter your home, they are looking for warmth, shelter, food, and/or water. The good news is they leave signs so you can act fast to take care of the issue and send these critters on their way out the door. Some evidence for which to look includes droppings, bad odors, urine, and even scratching noises. Getting rid of mice in your bedroom is important because these rodents can carry and spread disease and can also cause structural issues in the house.


How to Get Rid of Mice in the Bedroom

Step 1: Look for Evidence

Mice leave traces of their whereabouts. Signs that mice are in the bedroom can include strong smells, drops of urine, chewed up or shredded fabric or clothing, or even small holes in the wall.

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Step 2: Eliminate Any Food or Water

Mice can be enticed into the bedroom in search of food or water. Remove pet water bowls, clean up any crumbs on the floor or in the bed, and discard any food packaging.


Step 3: Empty the Trash

If you keep a garbage can in the bedroom, take out the trash regularly. Consider using a trash can with a tight, secure lid.

Step 4: Clean the Floors

Sweep or vacuum the floors to eliminate food particles, dust, dirt, hair, and grime that may attract mice.

Step 5: Keep the Room Organized

A pile of dirty laundry on the floor or clothes scattered about the room can be attractive to these rodents as a nesting place. Place clothing in a hamper or do a load of laundry before these critters get too comfortable.


Step 6: Listen for Scratching Noises

Mice can squeeze their bodies through tiny spaces. A quarter inch is all a mouse needs to pass through a gap or hole, so check the bedroom walls for any areas where mice may be able to enter.

Step 7: Patch Any Holes

If you find any small holes in the bedroom wall, seal them as soon as possible to restrict mice from entering your resting space. Use caulk or steel wool to seal up any holes and consider using a door sweeper to close up the space at the bottom of the door.


Step 8: Set Up Traps

If these proactive methods haven't solved your problem, setting up mouse traps may be necessary. A variety of mouse traps are available that you can set up and placed in and around the bedroom. Some types of traps, like snap traps and electrocution traps, kill the mice, while live traps capture these rodents without harming them so you can relocate them a safe distance from your house.

Step 9: Contact Pest Control Professionals

Setting up traps requires handling dead mice or setting captured rodents free depending on the trap you choose, so consider whether this is something you want to deal with. You also have the option of hiring a pest control professional to manage your mice infestation issue for you.



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