How to Unlock a Locked Oven Door on a Kenmore Range

Kenmore ranges are manufactured by Sears, Roebuck and Co. As a safety feature, many Kenmore models have a locking oven door that can be used during regular operation and during an oven's self-cleaning procedure. In some cases, the door lock malfunctions and the door lock remains engaged. The door may be locked whether it is in the open or closed position.


Step 1

Read the display on the electronic oven controls, where the clock and timer normally appear. If the display reads "CLN" while the "Door Locked" light is on, the Kenmore range is in self-clean mode. When the Kenmore range is in self-clean mode, you must stop the cleaning process before the door will unlock.

Step 2

Stop the self-cleaning process by pressing and holding the "Stop/Clear" button for three seconds. The oven lock should disengage after three seconds. In some cases, a malfunction between the control panel and the locking mechanism prevents the door from unlocking.

Step 3

Hold the light switch for several seconds if the "Stop/Clear" button fails to unlock the range door. Engaging the light switch for several seconds resets the entire locking mechanism and overrides the "Stop/Clear" button.