Gas Oven Makes a Loud Bang When Preheating

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A gas oven with the elements turned on.
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An unexpected noise from your gas appliances may leave you worried about potential fires, explosions and leaks. Banging and other noises from a gas oven are often part of normal operation, but some loud bangs may signal a deeper issue. When in doubt, discontinue use of the oven and contact a professional to diagnose the problem.


Normal Noises

Booms and bangs that occur during preheating may simply be caused by thermodynamics. Metal naturally expands when heated and contracts as it cools. The metal panels that make up your oven cavity can pop or bang as the oven heats up, especially when the oven is new. This effect can also occur if you leave a metal pan in the oven or broiler as it preheats, causing the pan to warp or pop, leading to a loud bang.


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Pops, Poofs and Clicks

Gas ovens produce many noises during the course of normal operation, according to Amana. Gas valves make a popping sound as they open or close, and this noise can be unnerving to some users. Igniters click, and burners make a poof or whooshing sound as they ignite. All of these sounds are normal, not cause for concern.


Dirty Igniters

Dirty or clogged igniters in a gas oven can cause loud bangs due to delayed ignition, which occurs after gas builds up you turn on the oven, then ignites all at once. If this happens, turn off the oven and contact a professional for help.



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