How to Tie Cable Ties Together

Bunches of cables can be a headache if not properly tied. If you have a clutter of wires at the back of your TV or computer, it's easy to trip or spill water on them. If you want to avoid these accidents in your home, you need to tie your cable ties together in a neat and efficient way. You can tie your cables together in two ways. Hook-tying cable ties provide a flexible and strong binding that allows you to easily pull the tape in one direction. Clove hitch knots, on the other hand, are more secure and permanent.

Cable ties are also know as zip ties.

Hook-tying Cable Ties

Step 1

Insert one cable tie's ridged, tapered end into another cable tie's receiving end. Pull this far enough to secure the tie, but not so far that you lose the length of both cables.

Step 2

Repeat the previous step, inserting the third tape into the second cable tie's opening. You now have three ties attached to each other. Repeat all the steps a few more times as needed to create the required tie length.

Step 3

Wrap the length of your cable ties around the cables that you wish to bind together. Insert the very first cable tie's ridged tape into the opening of the most recently added cable tie to your sequence in order to create a loop. Tighten your cable ties, using as many as you can to make a binding tight.

Tying Cables with a Clove Hitch Knot

Step 1

Tie the cable every 2 inches with lacing tape. Do this by looping the tape around the ties, while holding one end of the tape in each hand. Cross the end on your right hand right over the other end on your left hand. This will form an X with your hands while you hold the pieces at the X's top.

Step 2

Wrap the end on your right hand around and behind the ties again, following the same direction to leave the wrap loose. Bring it back around the front, poking the end under the cable tie that you just wrapped around. Make sure the lace tape is flat and untwisted. Wrap a foot-long piece of lacing tape loosely around your bundle.

Step 3

Bring both ends of the completed wire splices as well as the completed ties through the loop in the opposite directions. Pull the ends snug and tie them off with a square knot.

Step 4

Snip off about 1/8 to ¼ inch of the ends of the cable ties using sharp scissors, and press the ends down into your square knot.

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