The Difference Between Double & Queen Headboards

Beds can come in many different widths and lengths, starting with Narrow Bunk to Grand King. The mattress on a bed is usually encompassed at the head and foot of the mattress by a headboard. A Double mattress, also known as a Full-Size bed, measures 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. Queen mattresses measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. The difference in width between these two bed sizes is where the decision on a headboard comes into play.

Headboards usually fit the size of the bed they are paired with based upon mattress size.


Headboards are thought to have developed to keep occupants from catching cold during the night. The headboard operated to put a barrier between the person and cold weather by diverting cold air from the bed, and to the floor next to the bed instead. According to “Fine Woodworking,” beds in the 17th century were also enclosed by the four posts located on each corner of the bed frame and heavy drapery that could be enclosed to keep its occupants much warmer through the night. As modern heating and cooling history progressed, headboards took on a more decorative function that remains to this day.

Cost and Design

Headboards can range widely in cost from very little to exorbitant amounts based upon the materials used to make the headboard, the fabrics installed and whether the headboard is a standard or custom size.

Double and Queen Headboards

The difference between a Double-sized mattress and Queen-sized mattress is about 6 inches in width, and 5 inches in length. Double-sized headboards can be flush or up to 6 or more inches wider than the Double mattress. Similarly, a Queen headboard can be flush or up to 6 or more inches wider than a Queen mattress.


Some Double headboards are built very closely to flush to the Queen mattress size of 60 inches wide. You may upgrade to a Queen mattress and keep the same headboard and footboard if the frame of the bed will allow for more length, or can be modified to add length.


If you wish to change between a Queen mattress to the smaller Double mattress, you may still be able to keep the same headboard and footboard. Bed frames can be shortened to meet the Double-sized mattress, or a false footboard behind the regular footboard can be added to shorten the length of the mattress space to allow a Double mattress to fit a Queen bed frame more tightly.