How to Adjust the Level on a Dyson Vacuum

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Dyson vacuum cleaners claim to fix the problem most traditional vacuums suffer from, which is that they lose suction power over their life spans. It required more than five years and 5,000 different prototypes but the result is that a Dyson vacuum does not lose suction power and, even better, is easy to operate. Dyson vacuums can clean different types of floors, from carpet to linoleum. All you have to do is adjust the level, which is simple.


Step 1

Stand behind the vacuum.

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Step 2

Press the on button located just above the canister handle.

Step 3

Place one foot on either side of the front corner of the vacuum while pulling the handle towards you. Now the vacuum is ready to clean.

Step 4

Look down towards the right side of the vacuum base to locate the level adjustment switch on the vacuum. This switch will be labeled with two different settings: "bare floors" and "carpets."

Step 5

Push the switch forward to adjust the vacuum level to clean carpets or leave it in the original position for bare floors.

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